public art


all that i left at water’s edge
the lie of unspoken truth

the truth of unspoken lie
the pulse of breath

the sound beneath all silence
this is my meditation.

• • • •

Bainbridge Arts & Humanities Council, Poetry Corners, 2006

public art poem “yuugen”

for onan

o sweet boy
we found you between
the darkness and the dawn,
unsure about going on
longing for something we no longer know
(for we left that place long ago
and remember it not)

how much fear can one moment hold?
a life dissolved or brought fully here with
one breath, one tear.

your tiny fingers reach for tether
in this airy world, you seek touch
to ground you,
arms to surround you,
the sound of another’s heart close again.

we gratefully oblige, remembering being held by

now we hold you
and whisper in your ear:

• • • •

Published in New Millennium Writings, Summer 2000 Special Issue
Bainbridge Arts & Humanities Council, Poetry Corners, 2004

public art poem “for onan”

solitary blues

your hopes are a standing pond at glade’s edge
feathered blues     a solitary heron
your wishes     pennies tossed with abandon
tarnished     embedded
across rain-slick roads your dreams wend their way
away from this chosen paradise     far from these trees
holding dew     like tears
ready to spill

• • • •

Bainbridge Arts & Humanities Council, Ferry Terminal Walkway Installation, 2005 thru 2007

public art poem “solitary blues”

Words on the Coffee House Floor Anthology Café, 2002

The following lines extrapolated from the poem, “being loved,” were painted on the floor:

she longs to become the light
that has laid itself upon her
to believe a wishing star is more
than night’s first gleam


he walks under the bridge   destination uncharted

a strapped and zippered keeper of possessions
hunch his shoulders, yet it’s his gait
that speaks the weight he carries

come night he knows cold concrete
freedom in borderless dreams

until the cacophony
of morning traffic wakes him
& he walks another day   another day…

would that he stay in those dreams

• • • •

Part of a project, Seattle Poetry Grid, developed by Washington State Poet Laureate, Claudia Castro Luna, 2018-2021

Poetry on the Buses, 2017

Poetic Brew, San Diego, CA, 1997-2000

Host and curator of a nationally recognized weekly reading with open mic and featured readers from across the country and across the pond

Interviewed in Bainbridge Islander, May 2004